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The Physical fitness and mental alertness starts declining as the twilight of one’s life takeover and a sense of helplessness surround them. Apart form these natural phenomena, some unfortunate tragedies in the family and unexpected behavior from the near ones tend to make old age a frightful experience. Agewell has also intiated several intiatives to take care of health and well-being of older persons.

Healthcare Training for bedridden older persons and their care-givers

Agewell Foundation has developed & published Health Care Training manual In 7 different languages – English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam and distributed among bedridden patients, older patients, their caregivers and family members.

Agewell Foundation distributed 200000 training manuals in Delhi-NCR.

  Health Care Training Manual
English Hindi Bengali Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam
pdf(Size:5.11 mb) pdf(Size : 3.41 mb) pdf(Size : 3.43 mb) pdf(Size : 23.6 mb) pdf(Size : 3.12 mb) pdf(Size : 4.56 mb) pdf(Size : 2.08 mb)

Free Hearing Screening for Older Persons
In association with Amplifon India, the world s largest hearing service provider, Agewell Foundation has been organizing Free Hearing Screening camps for older persons in Delhi-NCR. During the camps, free counseling regarding hearing problems is given to all participating older persons.

Happy Ageing

Growing old is inevitable. With an increasing life span and better facilitation, longevity has increased progressively over the years.
Old age is an unavoidable part of our life cycle and should be lived gracefully rather than grudgingly.
In today’s fast-paced world we only start noticing signs of old age much after the gradual process is well underway. After retirement, most of us develop a complex of becoming redundant and unimportant. This changing mindset is actual ageing.
On the other hand, our physical capabilities also start diminishing gradually. As age sets in, it affects our body and many old-age problems start setting in. It is only a question of coming to terms with this by adapting ourselves to these changes to make life easier and more fulfilling.
There are certain ways of making our old age comfortable and meaningful.

Depression in Old Age

Depression is quite common among many of the old people. It is a major social challenge that cannot and should not be ignored.
In pursuit of its overall objective of “Facilitating Better Life for Older Persons”, Agewell Foundation as a part of its ongoing initiatives brought out this publication “Combating Depression in Old Age” . The aim of this publication is to provide a guide to the causes of Depression in Old Age, its symptoms, and ways to overcome it.
However, to fight Depression in Old Age, both the suffering older persons and the family members need to join hands and work together to bring back the golden happy times.

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