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Due to fast paced lifestyle, popularity of nuclear families and many other factors old people are having a rough time today. Agewell believes that children could make the difference. If children are prompted to share a smile with the elders and spend a few moments together, the tide may start to turn. Agewell Foundation has embarked upon an ambitious social contact programme of reaching out to million-school students in Delhi in a bid to set off a feeling of acceptance and affection for the elders.

Agewell Foundation has interacted with 100000 school children so far.



“I Am Responsible” Campaign

Agewell Foundation has initiated an outreach program in Delhi & NCR to sensitize young school children about needs & rights of older persons and conservation of electricity and water in collaboration with Rural Electrification Corporation, a public sector undertaking of Govt. of India. Through the project the Foundation aims at sensitizing school children, through them their family members and also developing school children into responsible citizens of the future. Under the project thought provoking communication campaign was launched which included posters, banners, stickers, student s activity booklets, teacher s manuals, etc. Agewell volunteers has interacted over 50000 students of 50 schools spread across Delhi-NCR.

  • Communication material developed and distributed under the campaign
  • Teachers Workshops organized at schools across Delhi-NCR


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