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Destination Pilgrimage for Older Persons

  • A Project to promote pilgrimage tourism amongst older persons across the country.

  • To pre-identify the older persons wanting to go on pilgrimage and provide them necessary guidance / assistance through a booklet containing different details, useful for them.

  • The implementation of the above programme through the nationwide network of Agewell Volunteers, who are sensitized and have the requisite experience on initiatives for improving the quality of life of older persons.

  • To sensitize the service providers towards the specific needs of older persons. They may be already aware of the likes and dislikes of the older persons, only to a certain extent. But the facilities available at Lodges / Hotels, Dharmshalas are not older persons friendly. We have to educate and guide the service providers properly.

Self-Reliance in Old Age (A series of interactions with Older Persons and their Care-Givers)

  • It is proposed to organize a Series of Interactions with Older Persons and their Care-Givers across the state of Rajasthan to create awareness amongst older persons about the concept of Self-Reliance in Old Age for living life comfortably and respectfully and sensitize them to adopt the concept of self-reliance in their respective lives.

  • Currently we propose to organize Interactions with older persons and their care-givers at 32 district headquarters. During these interactions an Exhibition and a Symposium will also be organized at the same venue.

  • Proposed duration for such interactions would be 3 days per Exhibition-cum-Interactions, so that large number of Older Persons could avail the benefits of these interactions.

Medical Tourism for Older Persons from Abroad

  • Specialized Medical Treatment project for older persons from abroad particularly NRIs. This would include all those patients who are coming to India for specific treatment like surgeries, operations etc.

  • This would include all foreign tourists who wish to get a general health check up done at a fraction of the money spent by them in their own country. Cosmetic Requirements like Spectacles, dental requirements, etc. are available in India at a much cheaper rate.

  • Income generated from foreigners/NRIs will be utilized on medical treatment of poor and needy older persons of India.

Agewell Monitoring & Evaluation Centre

  • Innovative research studies, supervision and evaluation for routine social projects are proposed at Agewell Monitoring & Evaluation Centre.

  • Agewell Foundation proposes to undertake monitoring & evaluation activities in following sectors:

  • Family Welfare & Reproduction, Public Health, Women Empowerment, Older Persons’ Empowerment, Nutrition, Child Labour, Education & literacy, Agriculture , Employment & Self Employment, Public awareness, Integrated Rural Development, Women’s Development, Tribal Welfare, Opinion surveys, Natural disaster zones, Any other social activity.

Old Age And Disability (An Outreach Initiative)

  • With growing age several disabilities take over the human life, like – Physical Disability (Direct Impairment), Mental Disability (Memory loss etc.), physical decline in capabilities, Financial Disability, Social Disability, etc.

  • To live with disability in Old Age is difficult. The individual and the family members both suffer. It is proposed to identify and assist the disabled older persons, prepare the disabled for Old Age, protect people from Old Age related disabilities, counsel and assist the family members, train the care givers and assist in leading a life of dignity and independence.

Older Persons in Prison and Asylums (An Assessment Study)

  • A large number of older persons are lodged in Indian Prisons as under trails and convicts. However, as an older person they have certain physical and psychological requirements which need to be sharp focused on.

  • It is proposed to undertake a survey to understand their needs; older persons have, when they are in prisons. The findings could then be recommended to the government for necessary amendments in providing for the older persons.

SURAKSHA (Older Persons and Threat of HIV/AIDS)

  • A project to spread awareness for protection from HIV/AIDS amongst older persons across the country.

  • In Old Age the need to visit Doctors and Hospitals arise more often as compared to any other age group. Since the general perception for spread of AIDS is based on sexual contact with multiple partners, most of the Older Persons consider themselves to be in the NO-RISK group. However, the possibility of acquiring AIDS through infected syringe or through contaminated blood transfusion is rather high.

  • The susceptibility of an older person acquiring the AIDS virus is in any case higher as compared to people in any other age groups.

Agewell International Centre for Ageing

Aging perspective in Asia-Pacific region is more or less common. As a leading organization working in the field of aging, our responsibility is to focus on needs & rights of older persons for giving direction to the world about it.

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