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Helpline & Redressal Services

  • Agewell Helpline for senior citizens in Delhi/NCR
  • To provide counseling/guidance/direction to senior citizens

Healthcare Equipment Distribution

  • Distribution of Wheelchairs, Adult Diapers, etc. among destitute, bedridden elderly living in slum areas across Delhi/NCR
  • To assist ailing elderly to lead a comfortable life in old age

Distribution of Monthly Food Packets

  • Among destitute elderly living in slum areas across Delhi/NCR

Research Activities

  • Agewell Centre for Research & Advocacy for Needs & Rights of senior citizens 

“Share a Smile with Your Elders” – School Contact Program

  • To sensitize school children towards needs & rights of their grandparents and elderly

Employment & Job Opportunities

  • Agewell Employment Exchange for senior citizens

Voluntary Activities

  • Aadhar – Nationwide Voluntary Action Network

Share the Warmth Campaign

  • A special winter campaign of Agewell Foundation
  • To protect destitute older persons from bone-chilling cold during winters

I Am Responsible” Campaign

  • A School Outreach Program to sensitize school children towards needs of old people and energy & water conservation in Delhi-NCR through various mediums

Series of symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons

  • Agewell Foundation organises Series of Symposiums–cum-interactive sessions on Needs & Rights of Older Persons at India Habitat Centre, Delhi
  • Organised 36 symposiums so far. Main issues of the symposiums include
  • Social, medical, legal, financial & emotional Needs & Rights of older persons
  • Re-Employment Opportunities for older persons
  • Dementia & Respect for the Elderly
  • Impact of Recession on Older Persons
  • Role of Older Persons in Democratic Process
  • Older Persons as Custodians of Heritage, Culture & Tradition
  • Status of Older Persons in Minority Communities
  • Interpersonal Relations in Old Age
  • Curse of Elder Abuse
  • Old Age : A Boon or A Curse
  • Human Rights of Older Persons
  • Perspectives & Status of Older Women
  • Importance of Literature in Old Age

Research activities

  • Study of Problems being faced by Older Persons across the country
  • Study of Role of Older persons in Democratic Process
  • Assessment of Impact of Economic Slowdown on older persons of India
  • Study of Status of Older Persons in Minority Communities of India
  • Study of Bedridden & Older Patients of Delhi & NCR
  • Status of Older Persons in Nuclear Families
  • Study on Isolation in Old Age
  • Income & Expenditure Patterns of Older Persons
  • Wisdom of Old Age
  • Changing Mindset of Older Persons towards Legal Justice
  • Human Rights of Older Persons in India
  • Status & Human Rights of Older Women in India
  • Impact Assessment of Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing in India
  • Legal Provisions & Practices in India
  • Comprehensive Study on Status of Older Persons in Delhi & NCR
  • Sense of Security among Older Persons (in collaboration with NHRC)
  • Perceptions towards Human Rights of Older Persons
  • Human Rights of Older Persons: A Reality Check
  • Gender Discrimination Among Older Women In India
  • Human Rights of Elderly in India – A Critical Reflection on Social Development
  • Financial Status of Older People in India – An Assessment
  • Changing Needs & Rights of Old People of India
  • Changing Income-Expenditure Pattern of Older Persons in India : An Assessment
  • Independence in Old Age with special focus on Long-term and Palliative Care in India

Holistic Healthcare of Destitute Elderly

  • To provide them required medical/ healthcare/relief material
  • To ensure their health wellbeing and
  • To create awareness about healthy and active old age

Voluntary Network for Old Age Healthcare (Slums of Delhi & NCR)

  • Voluntary Network Teams for Old Age Healthcare to create healthcare awareness in slum areas of Delhi & NCR
  • Empower older persons to get proper low-cost or free of cost treatment, medicines, medical accessories for their diseases

Healthcare Training of Older Persons

  • For Bedridden patients, Older Patients, their family members and caregivers

Sahyog (Trauma Centre for older persons)

  • Equipped with qualified psychiatrist, doctors and trained counsellors
  • Tie-up with renowned hospitals and medical research institutes

Inbound Help Line Services

  • Situation call supports
  • Emergency call support
  • Trauma call support
  • Abuse call support

Query & response handling along with information dissemination

  • Senior citizens’ rights information
  • Old age homes information
  • Pension schemes and related information
  • Local area doctors, hospitals & nursing homes information
  • Local area lawyers’ information

Outbound Helpline Services

  • Targeted phone campaigns in selective areas
  • Senior citizen camps / programs
  • Proactive information dissemination
  • Database ratification
  • Member profiling & market research
  • Para-medic services
  • Periodic medicinal update to patients
  • Information on specialized clinical equipment, apparatus and medicines
  • Para-legal services
  • Financial services


  • Gap analysis between international & Indian senior citizens’ condition and status
  • Data consolidations & analysis of issues faced by senior citizens

Patient Care

  • Old age and disability – an outreach initiative
  • Health check up camps for older persons – blood pressure, diabetes, eye, hearing, etc.
  • Distribution of old age relief material like hearing aids, specs, walker, wheelchairs, general medicines, etc.
  • Training for Care-givers and family members of older persons
  • Awareness creation among older persons and their family members about HIV/AIDS to avoid AIDS in old age,
  • Healthcare Accessories/Equipments to Destitute & Old in Slums

Training Programs

  • Senior citizens as social communicators
  • Care Givers / bedridden and elderly patients
  • Old age management
  • Empowerment & Skill Development in Old Age

Survey / Research

  • Senior citizens in prisons and asylums
  • Linkage between adolescents and older persons
  • Needs & Rights of older persons

Interaction centers for senior citizens

  • Activity centres for senior citizens
  • Recreation centres for senior citizens

Ageweller for elderly living alone

  • To share a smile with lonely elderly and add color to their life
  • To entertain them with dance, music and any other art

Seniors as Interns

  • To utilize rich experience, knowledge, expertise and wisdom of retired older persons
  • To engage them in some gainful and meaningful activities in old age
  • To provide them an opportunity to remain active and healthier throughout their life
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