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Agewell Foundation has initiated a project for Skill Development Training and Empowerment of Old People.



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​Agewell Consortium for Senior Artisans of Handicraft

Agewell Foundation is in the process of registering NGOs/SHGs as a member of Agewell Consortium for Senior Artisans of Handicraft with the objective to assist senior artisans by ensuring profitable participation of NGOs/SHGs at national and international exhibitions and marketing of exclusive handmade products/artifacts.

Interested NGOs/SHGs are requested to send their consent to associate as a member. Please note that membership is an exclusive opportunity and Agewell Foundation does not charge any fee for this.

Kindly also arrange to send a complete list of all the articles, their price and photographs for our directory to be shared nationally/internationally. A brief note about your infrastructure, manpower and production capabilities would be most useful.

​Download Consent Form​

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