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Agewell Family Membership(For Old People Who Live Alone )

Agewell registers old people who live alone and welcomes them into its fold of warmth and caring. Having tied up with leading doctors, hospital services, security agencies, trained counsellors, legal and financial wizards, personnel managers, and trained attendants, Agewell offers exclusive services at a nominal price. For the members, a trained counselor pays routine visits every week. Round the clock he is only a phone call away and may be called upon at any time to act as an escort, do their running around or simply cheer them up.

The foundation has a team of trained counselors who work as companions and look after the requirements of these Older Persons.


Over 200 older persons have already been registered as Agewell Family Members under this drive so far.

Download Agewell Family Membership Scheme Details & Form

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